Bathroom Vanity Units: A Brief Rundown on the World of Vanities

Vanity Units are a very essential element of your bathroom’s design and therefore, require careful consideration when purchasing a new bathroom vanity. Since they do not have functional components in the same manner that toilet suites do you don’t have to be concerned with plumbing for vanity units. Vanities are generally focused on the space is available as well as the design and how it will impact on your bathroom.

Vanities are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Wall hung vanities are becoming more popular in homes these days due to the modern look but floor standing vanities remain still the ‘standard’. One of the biggest advantages of wall-hung vanities that they give the perception of space in a bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a wall-hung vanity is a great option in keeping with the theory that the more flooring is visible the larger the room appears. If you intend to try this approach, it may also be beneficial to think about installing a wall-hung toilet pan with the cistern hidden in the wall. Wall-hung Bathroom Vanities vanities appear modern and chic, but when they do not fit with your bathroom an open floor plan vanity would be ideal. These are classic style vanities that have the benefit in storage. The latest vanities are equipped with huge, deep drawers to store hairdryers, similar products and floors-standing vanities provide more space for these types and features.

There are a variety of’standard sizes, which come with pre-made vanity units, which are 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm or 1500mm. There are vanities even smaller than this and are ideal for smaller powder rooms or guest bathroom. The Dante vanity range, as an instance, has the 300mm vanity for the bathroom that is stunning and compact for the bathroom area. You can, of course get it made to the size that is suitable for your bathroom. If you decide to make this choice there are a couple of points to take into consideration:

1. It is important to ensure that you have the vanity basin ready and available if the vanity top needs to be cut to dimensions. The basin suppliers do not warrant Bathroom Vanity that the basin’s cut-out dimensions are accurate down to millimeters and it is highly unusual and not advisable to discard the cost of a stone top because the basin doesn’t fit well.

2. The same goes for the other aspects ensure that all sizes, colours and details are correct and recorded as custom-made vanities are difficult to exchange in the event of an issue. Keep all the relevant documents and receipts with you so you can prove that it was the responsibility of the vendor and you are able to prove they need to resolve the problem.

Another important interior design aspect that you should consider is its colour. White is the most popular colour in a lot of vanities nowadays but there are other options that you could consider as focal points for your bathroom. The Laminex collection of colors is extensive and certainly worth a look in the event that you’re planning to get a vanity custom made in your bathroom. The Dante collection of bathroom vanities that are ready made, is also available in a variety of Laminex colors.

There are two main types of materials that bathroom vanity tops come in and they are china and polymarble. stones are also well-liked option. In terms of the difference between china and polymarble, there is a common belief that china is superior although this is not always the case. Polymarble is a composite made up of polyurethane resins . China is a vitreous porcelain product that is made from natural. Both are durable, therefore the decision is up to the purchaser/user. Polymarble is generally cheaper but it is susceptible to scratching and does not appear as fresh’ compared to china. One aspect to take into account is that polymarble is easier to fix than china. So if you scratch your polymarble top this can be buffed over, whereas a chipped china basin is more difficult to repair.

Another thing to think about prior to purchasing a vanity is the position of the pipes. If your pipes are running through the floor , it could restrict you from installing an unhung wall vanity in case you don’t want the pipes to be visible. If you also have pipes that run through your wall, be aware that they are bent into an “S” shape to fit from the plug hole and connect to the wall. this takes up a lot of space which can affect the storage area.

Vanities are among the most exciting purchases made during bathroom renovations as they can have a massive impact on the style of the space. Take a look at these guidelines and you’ll be able to purchase your bathroom vanity with confidence.

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