The Five Biggest Wedding Preparation and Planning Mistakes

As with any major show, your wedding day will not be perfect – but that’s ok. While you aren’t able to plan for every tiny detail or problematic situation that may occur, you can equip yourself with some good advice to be ready to deal with any likely wedding mishaps. But before you begin making plans for your wedding be aware of these five major wedding planning and preparation mistakes that wedding planners who are not professionals frequently commit.

1. Not Budgeting Costs

It’s hard to believe however, many couples do not create an appropriate budget prior to wedding planning and find themselves in a hole of debt. The first thing to do to avoid disastrous (and financial ruin) wedding errors is to devise an itemized budgetthat accounts for the necessary requirements Tennessee Wedding Venue for a location for the ceremony and receptionas well as food, drinks along with favors, flowers and decorations, etc. If there is anything left or is not used, you could use it to fund your honeymoon or invest it on something a little less frivolous, like a carriage pulled by horses for when you leave from your reception.

Making a plan for your budget ahead of time involves your acknowledging the fact that you might exceed the budget by at least 10 percent. Surprises do happen, so cutting down on unnecessary things will make sure that you don’t cost excessively. In these initial wedding preparation stages, you and your spouse must decide who will pay for what. It used to be that the wedding couple’s parents paid for all the wedding expenses, but this model is slowly disappearing. If you’re with a budget there are hundreds of Nashville Wedding Venues ways to cut costs for your wedding day such as having fewer guests, picking a date outside of the season as well as choosing flowers in the season, and having friends and family play a bigger role in the planning of the wedding cake or taking a stab at photography.

2. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

This image of the harried bride has been ingrained in our psyche by a multitude of television shows that play up the idea of having little to any time and a’my route or no way’ mentality. This is why allowing yourself ample wedding preparation time is crucial to ensure that your wedding is smooth. If you want a large lavish wedding, you need to begin planning your wedding at least a an year and half in advance; for a smaller, more intimate wedding , with about 50 guests, anywhere from eight months up to a whole year is enough. It is crucial be aware of what your plans are for the wedding and modify your schedule to avoid costly wedding errors from happening.

Giving yourself more wedding preparation time lets you order your cake or dress, wedding party favors and decorations, flowers and more. ahead of time so that you Technology Blog don’t go home empty handed from last minute rushing. Allotting enough time also applies to your wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t make your guests wait at the reception site while you and your wedding party are snapping photos in a plethora of locations Consider taking the majority of the pictures before the ceremony and then the most important wedding couple, wedding party and family photos following the vows are exchanged.

3. Not Delegating Responsibilities

Delegating responsibilities, wedding preparation tasks, and roles is vital it is impossible to take on everything! For brides, their bridesmaids are there to help them with the essential tasks of the wedding day, so creating a short list of duties for each friend is not unexpected. Mothers, family members, and even friends are more than happy to help run a few tasks or call your needs if you request. Just make sure you ask who you trust to get the job done on time.

The wedding process is also dependent on a variety of guests who need specific wedding instructions from you, including the photographer, caterer florist, transportation and/or drivers and DJ. Discussing your ideas with them ensures that you can work with each other on the same wavelength as well as avoid embarrassing mishaps during the actual reception. You must also plan that your wedding guests meet on the way to the church, or the wedding venue at a specified time. A large number of people gathering at the same time leads many couples to take the wedding guests at their homes. Arriving late for wedding party members is one of the most frequently occurring and difficult wedding blunders that brides and groom will have to deal with.

4. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner or Someone You Trust

Many brides have a strong belief in their wedding planners and, indeed, it’s the case that they handle all aspects of wedding preparation and planning, preventing a number of the common wedding blunders brides make. It’s like you and your fiancé are the main actors, but the wedding planner is behind the scenes for your big performance, seeing every aspect from beginning to end. Wedding planners are aware of all the details of good wedding planning and preparation and can assist couples find reliable caterers, wedding attire and the like, as well as transportation and DJs with less expensive prices. Before you sign any contracts, but talk with the wedding planner to determine if this is a scenario you’re content with.

While they can be extremely useful wedding planners are also able to expensive, which is unfortunate for brides who are trying to cut costs. This scenario goes back to the idea of delegating responsibility – ask someone who you trust to assist you arrange wedding preparations and schedule appointments with each wedding equipment shop and/or vendor. It is possible to reduce operations and have a simplistic wedding that you plan or completely DIY in order to save money.

5. Not Fully Considering the Reception Venue and Details

Sending your guests to a race in search of the reception location is a thing that happens more often than you think. It’s one of the top wedding mistakes that couples fail to notice. If guests are from outside the area It can be confusing and for in-town guests, it’s an annoyance. Picking a venue for your reception that is near the wedding location is essential, unless you’re able to provide transportation to and from the reception. A distance of more than 15 to 20 minutes from the venue is an inconvenience for some guests, and they may not bother to go when it’s more than that.

In the event that the reception location is outdoors (or exposed to the elements) it is possible that rain or windy conditions could be expected, so you should always have a backup plan in cases of severe weather. A wedding reception that is rained out is among the most frequent wedding blunders brides make. failed to prepare for. As part of the wedding planning necessities should also include your requesting the venue’s landscaper to spray for bugs so guests don’t get bit by mosquitoes or gnats.

Learn to Laugh Off Those Wedding Mistakes

The preparations for your wedding, though helpful but it is bound to miss a tiny detail of your special day. These wedding blunders (or the more likely small ‘blips’) are to be expected and may even provide a funny moment for you and your partner to laugh about to come back on in the future. Wedding errors do and will happen, but you shouldn’t be bothered by these blunders. Simply go on with the display and smile, no one will notice the difference!

Cherie Johnson is the founder and owner of Creative Wedding Favors, a one-stop shop for personalized, unique baby and bridal shower, graduation, quinceanera, anniversary, and wedding favors [], helping countless couples and families make their big events a success. Cherie’s wedding-related advice has been published on various websites such as Little Wedding Guide, Wedding Lenox, along with The Wedding Source. Before launching her company at the beginning of 2006 Cherie worked as a professional wedding photographer, capturing the most memorable moments of the wedding couple’s special day.

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